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Learn drumming from Mark Colenburg – Grammy award-winning and world renowned drummer, author, composer, producer. Has worked with greats like Common, Qtip, Maxwell, Amos Lee, Robert Glasper, Erin Bode, and many more!

Develop your confidence to work in any musical situation, from school band, pop, gospel, jazz, or hip hop. Experience his unique approach to drumming through this program of organic learning in which he tells it all. This approach focuses more on the natural way of learning that builds self confidence, team working skills, inspiration, conceptual techniques, business techniques, versatility, creative thinking, and much more!

Thank you for your visit and registration! Looking forward sharing with you on this great music journey!

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With these lessons, you will further develop your musical ear, technique, inspiration, and musicianship. You will sharpen your intuition, musical concepts, and improve your understanding of relevant applications for your musical journey. We will cover it all – You will learn about reading music, recording, live performances, and more!

The Experience

  • Weekly video lessons customized to your specific needs
  • Archived video to view and listen at your convenience
  • Various skill levels, topics, and styles are all available

Talk Back

  • Interact directly with Mark
  • Interact with a community of musicians and companies for growth and development
  • Get recommendations and referrals to music resources

Private Lessons (optional) 

*additional costs may apply

  • Skype one-on-one lessons
  • In person one-on-one lessons

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How it Works

First: Sign up by completing the registration information needed and make a purchase to start the lessons. Full lessons are posted once a week for one year. All lessons are archived, so whenever you join you’re always on time!

Plans & Pricing

Available Now!

Entry Level Lessons- Entry level video content is designed to provide basic information, demonstration and inspiration to enhance the drummer. FREE!

Pro Level Lessons- Video with advanced concepts that goes deeper with studies, demonstrations, forum and recommendations. Designed to elevate the drummers (or other instrumentalist) IQ, playing, and overall musicianship.

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Annual plan  SPECIAL OFFER  $180 one time cost or Monthly plan $15 per month ($180 annual)  1 year only for any plan

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Skype lessons– One on one online lessons customized to the student. This is a great way to personally grow as you need with direct interaction. Limited scheduling.

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$100 per hr  (Registered users $70 per hr).

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Also available:
The Beat Matrix Unlocked Book – This groundbreaking book creates a new template for the art of creative drumming. Along the way, is explained and demonstrated many of the concepts used in creating beats in modern music’s drumming and programming-and then shows how to apply these concepts to your own playing.

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